The Society for Peace Studies and Practice, SPSP, is a civil society body that seeks to integrate peace scholarship and practice as a way of advancing the development of the culture of peace. SPSP provides a collaborative space for peace scholars and practitioners from various areas of specialization to creatively share and synthesize ideas and experiences as a way of evolving a more holistic approach to the understanding and practice of peace. Our Mission is building and strengthening the capacities of scholars, practitioners and others for qualitative service delivery in peace and development work.

Sustainable peace, the goal of multi-level intervention, has been elusive in Africa partly because efforts of state and civil society actors in the quest for peace have not been coalesced into the type of leveling focus that could serve to coordinate and translate these diverse peace actions into unified achievement. Consequently, the field of peace and conflict studies and practice in Africa has been defined more by unfruitful competition than by a productive collaboration between peace scholars and conflict management practitioners. SPSP, an initiative that emerged from discourse between scholars and practitioners on the Peace and Conflict Studies Programme of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, was formed in 2005 to meet this challenge.




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Institute of Peace and Conflict Resolution
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